Another day, another blogging platform

So I did a google search for a blogger client, because as much as I like blogger, I hate having to visit a website in order to post. I've tried Flock a few times, but I like having one program that does one thing well as opposed to a program that does many things good.

So I'm using Zoundry Raven, which supports a shitload of features. Mostly little things like photos, links, and multiple blogging protocols. I'll probably put more later, as this is mostly a test post.


Let's see. Uploaded this from my computer and resized it. I really like this so far. That's Tekkaman Blade BTW, which happens to be one of my favorite anime of all time. Also, there should be a link to Tekkaman Blade's wikipedia entry. Another nice feature of Zoundry Raven is that I can highlight text and add a wikipedia tag from the context menu.

All in all, it's a nice little program. I have high hopes for it, especially considering that it's Open Source. Keep an eye out on this program.

Zoundry Raven


George said...

Ah, sounds like a 'nifty' little program. Might resume blogging if it's that easy. On your recommendation I'm going to have a look at the English version of Tekkaman Blade. I'm hoping that it is about robots with magical powers. Maybe vampire ninja robots.....

Kira Blaize said...

Teknoman was a good little show. It had a few flaws, but it's what drew me to Tekkman Blade. For being dubbed in 1995, it's a good show.