You know what sucks about having a blog?

I never seem to have anything interesting to write about. Oh sure, every so often I have a nice long post about something interesting, but my life tends to be boring.

Never mind the fact that I can never seem to commit to one blog. I have this blog, a blog on livejournal and one on wordpress. I like Blogger, but LJ has an interesting community. However it's light on features. Wordpress is nice, but for some reason, you can't add HTML in a text block. I hate little restrictions like that. Live Journal is rather hard to get looking how I like. All the themes seem a little TOO basic.

So I guess I'll use blogger for a while.

Not much to report though. Moved about two months ago. Mother in Law driving me NUTS. Been busy with SvR2010, so that'll probably be the focus of my next post. A nice little review.
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George said...

Oh I feel your pain about not committing. Also, just felt the need to comment on your blog as you've just started following me on Twitter and it seemed only fair :)