And the gamefly saga continues.....

I've had gamefly on and off for abour 5 years. And I can say that it has NEVER been as terrible as it is now. Surprisingly, I don't have problems with shipping times, given that I live about an hour from the shipping center. I get my games in about a day or two. 

No. My big complaint is that I never get the games in the order that I put them on my queue. Just now, I got Gears of War 2 shipped to me. That game was number 5 in my queue. Now, I understand the concept of availability. However the confirmation email states that the game wasn't available at my shipping center and that It'll ship from Austin instead. 

Now this is where it gets mean to tell me that not only are the first 5 games on my queue not available, but the game you DO decide to send isn't available from my primary center?? So, if the game isn't available from my shipping center, why not move to the next game on my queue, like you did for the first five fucking games on my queue. 

Apparently, instead of "striving to get the games you want" like they constantly preach, they just look at your queue, see what game has the highest availability and ship that, to hell with you're queue order. 

Ugh...are there any other decent services out there?