Gamefly, what the HELL happened to you?

I've been with Gamefly on and off since 03 and I generally didn't have any problems with them.

I resubscribed with them in November and I've had three hiccups so far. The first one wasn't really their fault. I had reported a game as missing since it had been about a week. They were in the process of shipping a new copy when I received the first game in the mail. So I let them know, but since they were already shipping my game, I ended up with two copies of the same game. No big deal.

Second hiccup was when I noticed that sometimes, my queue would be out of order when they receive a game. No biggie. I just reordered it, thinking it was a glitch.

Today was the biggest hiccup so far. I see they received a game I sent and I checked my queue to make sure it was in order. It was. I had Final Fantasy X on my number one slot. So everything's fine right? Wrong. I check back in a few hours and see that Final Fantasy X-2, which was in the second spot in my queue, was shipping instead, despite the fact that Final Fantasy X was "Available Now." To add insult to injury, FFX-2 wasn't at my shipping center in Pittsburgh and instead shipped from LA. So now I have to wait two more days for a game I didn't even want yet.

Needless to say, I fired off a complaint, so we'll see how it's taken care of.

I just have to wonder what happened to Gamefly? In 2003 when I started using them, they were very friendly. They prominently displayed their phone number and I remember one occasion in which they conference called my bank to see why they were taking out too much money. (Long story there.) I also remember when I could just set games in my queue and forget about them, reordering them only when I wanted them to ship in a different order, or when a new game came out.

Now they've become this huge corporate sellout. The only way you can contact them is through e-mail (I can't stand when companies don't even acknowledge that you might want to call them), the queue is fucked up to the point where you have to make sure everything is in order whenever a game is returned, and they've just lost their "gamer" feel altogether.

It's really quite sad. If this keeps up, I'll have to take my business elsewhere.